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Enables or disables Forefront antispam filtering.


Set-FseSpamFiltering -Enabled <Boolean> [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

Enables or disables Forefront antispam. This cmdlet can be used to enable antispam filtering for the first time or to switch between enabling and disabling the antispam agents. These are the agents enabled: Forefront agents: Connection Filter Shim and Forefront Content Filter Exchange agents: Sender Filter, Recipient Filter, Sender ID Filter, and Connection Filter NOTE: If you add another edge server to your existing system configuration, and you have opted into or enabled antispam on the existing edges, then you must either opt into antispam on the new edge or enable antispam post-installation using this Windows PowerShell command.


-Enabled [<Boolean>]

Indicates whether antispam filtering is enabled. Required. The possible values are $false (antispam filtering is not enabled) and $true (antispam filtering is enabled). The default value is determined during the installation of Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server when you decide whether or not to opt into spam filtering.

NOTE: The Microsoft Exchange Transport service must be stopped and then started again for changes to this setting to take effect. Do not use the Restart function.

Required?   true
Position?   named
Default value?  
Accept pipeline input?   false
Accept wildcard characters?   false

Input Type

Return Type




PS> Set-FseSpamFiltering -Enabled $true There is no output if the command completes successfully.



The following required agents are enabled: Connection Filter Shim, Content Filter, Sender Filter, Recipient Filter, Connection Filter, SenderID Filter. This assumes that you have installed antispam.


PS> Set-FseSpamFiltering -Enabled $true Error: Please run the ASInstall script to install antispam before attempting this operation.



An error message informs you that antispam is not installed.


PS> Set-FseSpamFiltering -Enabled $false There is no output if the command completes successfully.



The antispam agents are disabled.